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I haz a TARDIS

March 2013

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I haz a TARDIS

Yes, it is Bigger on the Inside. (for kellyfookinbee)

Normally, The Doctor loved film geeks, geeks of all kinds. Blimey, he was quite the geek himself.

But if there was fans of a saga of films The Doctor really did not tolerate, Back to the Future's fans had to be on the list. They were incredibly frustrating, infuriating even. Average humans born past the year 1985 had the awful habit of comparing reality to a -in all honesty entertaining- inacuratte portrayal of time traveling. So what if his time machine did not look like a fancy car with doors that lifted themselves and a digital control panel?! His TARDIS was prettier, sexier! Stylish.

And no, he was not going to bring them a hoverbouard souvenir from the year 2015! Why? Because hoverboards were not yet invented in the year 2015!

Mr Fusion, the fusion generator that turned rubbish into energy was the second thing humans-post-1985 complained about. Who on Earth-- Well, rather who on the universe with a little knowledge regarding cold fusion could truly believe that a can of pop, a banana's peel and a couple more items would be plenty to get a time machine moving? Believing that would be as stupid as taking pointers regarding quantic physics from a baby koala. And koala's were brilliant on maths, but not on physics.

This time the Doctor was thankful to have no geek-post-1985 humans making him a thousand questions regarding why he needed that massive ammount of garbage to get working his Sarcroisax-detector working.

He was dragging bags all the way to the spot where his TARDIS had landed, near a pretty lake, somewhere past the year 2010 for what he could see. It was a nice morning to be dragging bags of rubbish. To be leaving a trail of grabage as well. Well, the Sarcroisax would sure take care of that later!



Kelly Bailey was standing in the middle of the park, near the trash bins in her bright orange jumpsuit with her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. She had a grabber in one hand and a black garbage bag in the other. And she looked very, very pissed off.

"Oi, you! I'm fookin' talkin' to ya, mate! Are ya fookin' deaf or somefin?!"

There was a skinny bloke in a brown pinstripe suit and a long tan coat with crazy, sticking-up hair tracking fucking garbage all over the path! Garbage that she was going to have to pick up!

"Helloooooooooooo?" she shouted at him again, starting to storm down the path after him. "Oi, Earth to fookin' Rooster Hair! You're fookin' litterin'! I dunno wot they call it on your home planet yeah? But here we call it gettin' shit everywhere!" Close on his heels, she reached out with her grabber and nicked the tail of his long coat, gripping it tight in the plastic tongs and giving it a good yank backward.
Completely oblivious to the demanding shouts, The Doctor kept dragging the bags towards his TARDIS. He was too busy calculating time and space routes, the exact location where the Sarcroisax had surely landed and judging the smell of Ready-Brek its race usually left behind, how long had it been since the creature had passed by this location.

Until he heard it. Rooster hair.

What mad and clearly creative vocabulary-torturer could have come up with something like that? Oh, the Doctor could think of someone, but Donna...

This was most definitely not Donna. But she was staring at him. Scowling to the painful point that made the Doctor grind his teeth. She was pulling on his coat, no less. His coat and talking to him?!

"I'm Rooster Head
?!" Pointing at himself, the Doctor asked with a squeaky cry.
"Rooster Hair," Kelly corrected him. "Fookin' hell, you really are deaf!" She gave his coat another yank with her grabber, gesturing at the mess he'd tracked all over her path.

"Can't ya see wot ya fookin' did?!" she shouted. "Now I gotta spend another hour pickin' all this shit up all 'coz you ain't watchin' wot you're doin', mate!"

She let go of his coat and thrust the grabber at him. "Well guess wot?" she said. "Now you're gonna pick it all up!"
Grimacing as she kept calling him out, the Doctor shook his head eagerly, denying all accusations. "It's the same I--" But she kept on going. "I'm not--!"

Finally, he ended up raising his palm, shushing her until she was done yelling at him. Holding the grabber to his chest after she shoved it his way, he completely ignored Kelly's command.

"Someone else will clean it. All that. I guarantee it." Sarcroisaxes never left behind such a delicious meal. Specially when candy wraps and worn nappies were involved. "Now, you're holding me back and this is an emergency."

He then hung the end of his bag to his shoulder as if he was some sort of homeless, smartly dressed Santa. Actuvely ignoring her he marched towards the TARDIS.

Pushing the door open with his bum, he dragged the third bag he'd collected in.
"Someone else'll clean it?! I'm the one that's gotta clean it, mate, I'm the someone else! Oh no ya did not just fookin' walk away from me!"

Kelly was seeing red now, and the deep crimson color in her cheeks proved it. She threw down her trash bag but kept a good hold on her grabber, because she was going to beat the shit out of this crazy, skinny wanker with it.

She stormed after him, watching him slip inside a blue police box that she hadn't even noticed was there before. Or maybe she had noticed it, but it just hadn't seemed all that out of the ordinary to her... until now. She stopped the door with her grabber before he could close it, then barged her way in after him...

And stopped short. Furrowing her brows. Extremely confused. "Wot the fuck...?"

The room was huge, and unlike any she had ever seen in her life. It wasn't... it wasn't possible. "But... this woz just..." Taken entirely away from her anger, she retreated out the door. Gave a quick circle around the perimeter of the blue box. Then she went inside again.

Looked at him.

"How's it fookin' bigger on the inside?!"
Arching a brow, the Doctor watched the same old song play again, enjoying it deep withing but playing the uninterested part. Playing it cool.

There it was, the old question. The choice of words was quite colorful, but the meaning the same nevertheless.

"The tennis court wouldn't fit in the basement if it wasn't." He replied as he set the bag down, next to the other two he was previously dragged near to the control panel of his beloved TARDIS.

Shoving the trail of egg-shells, half eaten cornetto cone's and sharph plastic blisters packagings towards the bags, the Doctor wasted no time approaching the rude girl in the jumpsuit.

"One thing." He said while resting his palms on his lower back, a stern look on his face as he clearly judged her. "Two, actually. One: Do not, by any circumstance again, call me a Rooster Hair, Head or any variation of it. Two: Do you know how to program a VCR?"
Kelly just narrowed her eyes at him like he was a fucking lunatic, which, by the looks of it, had to be true - either that, or she was, and imagining all of this from a padded room in Broadmoor.

"A VCR??" she echoed incredulously. "Mate, when do ya think this is, 1996? I ain't had a VCR since I woz a little kid! Don't ya have a Blu-Ray or anyfin?"

She headed boldly over to the strange circular control panel in the center of the room. "There's gotta be a DVD player or somefin in all this mess." She started randomly flipping levers and pushing buttons in search of one.
"That's not--" His jaw dropped, Upcoming Storm scowl he was known for giving, able to terrorize entire civilizations with an arch of his brow- She ignored it completely, yelling at him as she went to poke and pull and twist the controls of the TARDIS.

She did not like it, clearly, being handled so carelessly, and The Doctor could not blame her really. He was utterly gobsmacked, not believing how this human could brush him off, tell him off of all things! He! The last of the Time Lords!

The lights around them began tweaking, te TARDIS shaking in discontent.

"I know!! I know she is gobby and disrespectfu and that we are most defintely not taking her for a ride!" He yelled to assure her, leaping towards the panel console to grab hold of Kelly's wrist and yank them away from the controls.

"Do you have the tiniest, smallest and faintest idea of what you are doing?!" Squeezing his eyes shut he let go of Kelly, shaking his head. "Of course not, you never know, you lot. You'd rather do and later ask." He opened his eyes again, raising a finger he held closely to Kelly's nose, pointing at her. "Normally- Normally I respect, admire even that out of you humans! But this, how can you treat her like this!" He pointed at the TARDIS' control panel then.
"Wot?!" Kelly shouted, totally confused. "Why ya talkin' like that? Like you're some bloke with a hard-on for 'is sports car?" She looked at the control panel, then back at Rooster Hair, then back at the control panel again. "Is that wot this is?" she asked suddenly, furrowing her brows and looking, really looking at all the controls. It looked like a dashboard, really - a huge, multi-faceted dashboard.

Now that she knew what she was looking at, it was pretty easy to figure out. She just stared for a long moment until the controls became transparent and she could see all the wires inside. "This is dead advanced technology," she commented as she strolled slowly around the console. "It's like nothin' I ever seen before, even. It looks like... aerial controls? Like for an airplane, except..." She reached out and stroked the knob that controlled oxygen levels within the box. "No, not an airplane. A space ship." She looked up at him. "Do ya work for NASA? Is this some new kind of rocket or somefin?" She thought of how the outside looked; that deep blue police box. "The exterior design is dead tacky, mate," she said, curling her lip in disgust. Then she went back to searching the dashboard.

"That's weird though," she said. "It's almost like it doesn't just travel through space... it's almost like it travels through..." She put two and two together with the way it seemed bigger on the inside and understood right away - or thought she did.

"You've got a freaky power from the storm, don't ya?" she asked excitedly, turning her own power off and whirling around to face him again. "The power to build time machines or somefin. Yeah?"
Pinching the bridge of his nose, the Doctor cringed. He was ready to correct her, in fact he was already pointing out to himelf that whenever humans attempted to pretend to understand what was clearly obvious around them...

They never managed to surprise him as much as this girl just did. The deduction was so precise, so... Almost-- Like something he would have said.

"Whot?!" Well, almost. He marched his way up to the control panel to pry her fingers away from it. "Tacky?!" He gestured at their surroundings, finally pointing at the doors once he was before her. "How- You lot love vintage! How can you call tacky such a beauty!" He finally gave her a close look, from toe to the top of her tightly pulled back hair. Didn't she get any headaches with that? "Look at you and your fake fingernails! Only humans would consider that fashionable and sensible everyday accesories!"

Shock slowly disappeared, his features softening as curiosity took over. "The storm?" He hunched his back to be at her eye level, narrowing them as she studied hers. "What do you mean with a storm giving powers?"
"Oi! You talk about mah nails like that one more time and I will break one off in your ear, mate!" She folded her arms over her chest and popped one hip out to the side as if daring him to say more shit about her appearance, but he was off on something else already, talking about the storm.

It was dead weird; she would have thought a bloke like this, with this freaky magic box and shit, would have surely knew about the storm. Maybe he really was an astronaut or some shit.

"I dunno," she said with a shrug. "Ya really don't know about the powers, mate? It woz like this big storm. Happened over a year ago already. Loads of people got these weird powers. Like people all over London. I got one," she explained. "I could read peoples' minds and shit. But then we met those bloke whose power was taking other peoples powers and givin' them to someone else, so I traded mine for somefin better."

She arched one eyebrow and smiled in self-satisfaction. "I'm a fookin' rocket scientist," she declared.
Not many things managed to get the Doctor to gape his mouth in pure awe, but this young lady's story about a storm and the powers it had granted to at least a few humans, few to her knowledge anyway, was like music to his ears.

"A storm granted you with telephatic powers?" He pulled out an otoscope from one of his jacket's inner pockers and, planting his hand on Kelly's head, forced her to turn it to the side in order of examining her ear. "And somone else the power of pushing your cerebral cortex's capacity to the point of achieving what at this time in the history of mankind would be considered uber-human intelligence?" He pulled back, blinking a few times as if he was adjusting to the sight before him.

Oh, God, he could have kissed her right there!

"This is brilliant! Just brilliant!" Letting her go, the Doctor bounced around the TARDIS' control panel, throwing his otoscope in the air and letting it twirl, before catching it again in his palm. "You, oh my dear Mis...?" He realized he hadn't asked her name just yet. Why would he auntil now anyway? "You are just beautiful!"

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Kelly just furrowed her brows at him like he was totally crackers - which she was pretty sure he was anyway. "Thanks mate, er... ya not so bad yourself or woteva." She wasn't really her type - too fucking skinny - but he wasn't bad looking either.

She reached up and scratched her ear canal, which he'd tickled with his otoscope - did he just keep one of those things in his fucking pocket at all times?! "So wot the fook are ya, anyway?" she couldn't help asking as she went and sat down on one of the benches by the controls. "Are you an astronaut or a doctor or wot?"
His upper lip curled up in a bit of a sneer at the comparison, but it was all an act, a mocking sign of distaste. "An astronaut?" He circled the TARDIS' round instrument panel, hidden behind it as he tweeked with the controls. "No, not a simple doctor either." His head poked from behind the transparent pipes that reached the ceiling. "I'm the Doctor."

After pressing a few buttons and pulling on some levers - with the ocassional smack to a screen here and there -, the Doctor circled the other end of the panel, joining Kelly at the other side now. "And this is a portion of Time and Relative Dimension in Space, a TT Capsule. My TARDIS."
"Your... TARDIS," Kelly repeated, making sure she had it right, then arched one eyebrow at him. She was going to make a sarcastic remark about the name, but when she thought about it, it actually wasn't half-bad. "Just wot it says on the tin, yeah?"

She folded one leg over the other and folded her arms under her breasts, looking over at the entrance where the trail of litter still remained.

"So... wot's with all the trash then?" She wrinkled her nose. "Er... and why's it smell like Ready Brek? Have you got some cookin' up or somefin, 'coz I reckon you're burnin' it, mate."

It was only then she heard the massive thundering footsteps headed directly for the TARDIS.
"Aha!" The Doctor twisted towards the door, bouncing on his spot for a bit before disappearing from Kelly's side. He kicked his heels on the way, excitement on how all his plans had finally fallen into place taking over.

"That." He pointed at the doors as he rushed towards one of the storage rooms, the closet to be more specific. Going up the spiral staircase, he reached one of the level where he kept his scarves, Chistmas jumpers and cowboy boots stored in. The massive box he was looking for was behind the mountain of boots.

"That thing knocking at our door is a beautiful, just hitting maturity, Sarcroisax!" He called in an almost sing-a-song voice as he rushed out of the closet, manoeuvring his way down the stairs as the box he was carrying was complex to fit down the stairs. Once he made it down, he dropped the massive box he was practically hidding behind of. He then pulled out of them a couple of massive waterguns, water rifles practically, bright yellow and orange ones with their backpacks included. "Sarcroisaxes are known to be one of the cheapest sources of crude oil in the universe. They're easy to breed, cheap to feed but, every once in a while someone will get greedy and fatten the fellas up." He raised one of the guns, one of his brows going up with it. "You think you can handle giving it a bath?"
Kelly stood up and rushed to the staircase, resting her hands on the banister and craning her neck up to look at him. "Doctah?" she called out, because he hadn't bloody told her his last name, or his first name, or anything else to call him by except his title.

When he came rushing down again, she backed out of the way, furrowing her brows when he tossed the Super Soaker at her. "A bath?!" she echoed, the massive footsteps outside the door - it sounded like something on four legs, if her ears were correct, and she was picturing an elephant or a hippopotamus or a rhinoceros - making the whole TARDIS tremble and making her heart speed up.

"I'm gonna give a big fookin' Sarco... Sarcroy..." She shook her head. "Woteva the fook that think is a bath with a fookin' water pistol?!" All right, so it was a massive water pistol, but still...

She shook her head. "You're out your fookin' mind, mate!" Still... she pumped the gun a few times, getting the air pressure tight enough, then held it out in front of her. "Open those fookin' doors, I'm gonna soak the shit outta that thing!"

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She was quick to catch up, a quality that while he didn't always find it in every member of her species, when he did he absolutely enjoyed every wonderful opportunity that came with it. Humans were great adventure-enablers and easily enabled into them as well. She was clearly part of that kind. The possibilities alone made each and every cell in the Doctor's body tingle with excitement.

Picking his own watergun and slipping its backpack on, he happily jogged towards the doors of the TARDIS. "Don't worry if the plastic's temperature raises! The plastic won't melt, I promise! Are you ready now?" The Doctor asked giving Kelly the widest of toothy smiles.

It clearly didn't matter whether she was ready or not, for he was already pulling the doors open. A loud shriek was what welcemed them, a massive creature with the skin of a lizard and the face of a melting bird, it's beak toothy and eyes bright red and hiding under a crown of fur.

"Now, tell this fella to say 'ello to your little friend!" The Doctor cried in clear excitement, pointing at the Sarcroisax.
Kelly screamed.

Screamed so loud she fancied Seth could probably hear it all the way back in Uganda.

The thing facing her was so hideous, so terrifying, that she felt like if she had to look at it for one more second she was going to lose her fucking mind.

Suddenly, she remembered the water pistol in her trembling hands. She pulled the trigger, hard, blasting the thing right in its ugly fucking face.
Kelly's screams were sure matching the Sarcroisax's. Desperate, the creature reached with it's ape-like, clawy paw inside of the TARDIS, almost managing to brush the Doctor's coat, but he simply gave it a smack on the back of the paw and the Sarcroisax was forced to pull back.

It was reacting. The Doctor's plan had worked!

"Yes! Nothing like good old fashioned osmosis to dehydrate an oversized slug!" The Doctor cried in clear excitement.

It wasn't a slug per se, but the logic was the same. The creature's skin seemed fizzy, cracked like soil as it lost its moisture. Soon, even the shrieks became weaker as the Sarcroisax shrunk until it reached the size of a ping pong ball.

"Brilliant, you did a brilliant job, you!" He praised Kelly before he bounced out of the spaceship to pick up the now tiny offender. Holding it between his thumb and index finger, the Doctor raised the now tiny, weak parasite as he examined it.

"Bit weak now, aren't you? You'll be fine. A banana peel should make you feel better, promise."

(ooc: GAH, just finished watching the new Dr Who eeeeepisode!)
Kelly dropped the spent water pistol to the floor and reached out to grab hold of the wall before she toppled over. She felt just as weak as the Sarcroisax must do, except she didn't think a banana peel was going to help her the same way it would apparently help the tiny creature in the Doctor's hands.

"I dunno about that thing but I could do with a pint, mate," she said, looking over at the itty bitty baby that had been a giant freak-nightmare only seconds ago.

"Aww," she said, reaching out to poke it with one perfectly manicured, sparkly fake nail. "It's sorta fookin' cute, innit?"

She was quiet for a moment, then she said: "But... what the fuck was it? 'Coz I ain't never seen any kind of animal like that before, mate. It looked like some proper alien shit."


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The Doctor's smile disappeared for a brief moment. "Humans your age honestly have a very short range of vocabulary. It's almost as bad as that fade during the 20s when you all started saying rad every couple of words." He pulled a face, making an 'ugh sound of disgust.

He shook his head, as a dog trying to dry itself. In the Doctor's case, he was trying to get those thoughts away.

"Alien... Stuff indeed." He gave the tiny Sarcroisax-chick a rub on the head with the very tip of his finger. The baby chirped. "They come from a couple of galaxies away from here. Little oil machines, they are. You feed them basic waste and what comes out as waste from them is nothing but actual crude oil. Brilliant source of petrol, it's not surprising that some planets still use it for power." He sighed. "Turns out the Earth is a perfect breeding farm for these fellas." He gave Kelly quite the serious look, one that said he clearly did not approve of this. "But some people get greedy. The bigger the Sarcroisaxes get, the more..." He trailed off, hoping she was following and able to finish his sentence.

(ooc: OMG I know!! I haven't been as excited for this show in a long while! I frigging adore her!!)
She wasn't really following him. Or at least, maybe not in the way that he hoped she was. Twitching her brows together, she attempted, "...The more they need to eat? But isn't that a good thing, Doctah? If they eat garbage 'n that. I mean we got a big problem with waste as it is. If they can turn garbage into oil, doesn't that like solve two of our problems at once?" It seemed like a simple solution to her. "Couldn't we just like, I dunno, breed a bunch of them? Then they could just eat all our trash and make all our oil..."

She could see the stern, disapproving look on his face. "...Wot?" she asked, feeling a bit like she was getting chided by one of her schoolteachers and immediately copping a bit of an attitude. She didn't like feeling dumb, and this wasn't something she could use her rocket science power on. "Look I don't fookin' get it awrite? So stop starin' at me like ya got an eye problem and just explain it to me!"

//SAAAME. Series 5 and 6 I was so fucking bored, and I thought I didn't like Eleven. But now I realize I just really disliked Amy Pond and what they did to River. Eleven's cool. He's still no 9 or 10 but I like him so much better now that I actually enjoy his companion!
He clicked his fingers, both making the doors of the TARDIS close and praising the way her brain worked. "Yes, it sounds like the perfect plan, doesn't it?"

Waving a hand, he gestured at her to follow him. "But what happens when your perspective changes?" Crouching under the TARDIS' control panel, he opened a small panel, a few helpful instuments stored inside it. It didn't take long before he found an old, empty jam jar. He placed the Sarcroisax inside of it as he got back up to his full height. "Do you humans see an ant's nest as someone's home? A civilization?" He inquired as he screwed the lid back on the jar. "When these little guys start to grow, their apetite does as well. It is forbidden to let Sarcroisaxes' grow too much, it always ends out of hand and with a hole in someone's ship. Oil leaking all over the sea..."

Pulling out his sonic screwdriver, he pointed at the lid of the jar until a few breathing holes appeared on it.

(ooc: LOL, I missed eps from season 6 to be honest, couldn't care less after a certain point. Amy's personality was copy+paste in each eps, she became so flat and idek, the whole plot with the stolen baby had no repercussions? Then she was Barbie!model, Barbie!writer, Barbie!Mum... >_< I liked Eleven though, he sort of played him like an old man at times and I loved that approach. Hopefully they'll put more effort this season on not overcomplicating plots and leaving loopholes everywhere like they loved to on the last couple of seasons. Because seriously, the Statue of Liberty is an angel. Lets rant for an hour as it stares at us and forget the whole point of them /end of rant! XD )
Kelly watched as he snapped his fingers and the TARDIS doors closed, all her attention consumed by that - it was like magic. Are you a magician then? she wanted to ask, but then he was talking again. Bidding her to follow him, and she was helpless not to. There was something about him, something indefinable, that made her forget about everything outside those TARDIS doors.

The shit going on in here was so much more important than the shit going on out there. She didn't know why it should be that way. She only knew, instinctively, that it was.

She furrowed her brows as he spoke. Remembered the spill in the Gulf. How angry people were about it. All the animals that died. All the people that got sick. Pictures on the news; the surface of the water up in flames.

She looked down at the little creature in the jar. The Doctor was right. They weren't meant to take hold of this kind of technology. The government was stupid, and people were sheep that believed what they were told. As part of the working class, she understood that better than most. She saw every day how the government screwed the little people over.

She stroked the glass with the back of one finger. "Poor little bloke." She looked up at the Doctor. "So are you like some sort of... I dunno. Special agent or something? Like the Men in Black? Or the X-Files - Environmental Division or somefin?"


Anyway yeah haha I'm really glad I like Who again. I'm so in love with Clara <33 I just watched Asylum of the Daleks again, she just has my whole heart right now <33

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This, this was the part he always loved. The bit where he could see them slowly understanding, accepting it ever. Wondering. Gobby or not, he liked this one. She had an open mind and the drive to get things done. All the things he loved about humans he traveled with.

Best thing of it all? She intrigued him.

"A division?" He placed the jar in her hands and casually headed back to the controls of his ship, apparenlty making himself busy. "Nah, no one gives these babes to someone insignificant enough to be part of a division." He grinned cheekily. "I'm a Time Lord, last of my kind."

Uber-intelligent or not, her expression remained blank. The Doctor almost pouted at that.

"Nine hundred years old alien, right? Two hearts, one time machine spaceship." He said in a rush, almost disappointed.

(ooc: IKR?? That was so fucking ridiculous! WTF!!

Dude, we're on the same boat. Can't wait for next week's!! I am so bummed over this Walking Dead's season ending, but between Dr Who bieng good again and GoT starting I'm feeling spoiled.)
Kelly cupped the jar carefully in her hands, looking down at the tiny creature inside, happily rolling around on its back. She smiled at it, distracted, until the Doctor mentioned that last bit. Then her head snapped up, all her attention taken up by him again.

"You're an alien?" She arched both eyebrows. "Like a proper fookin' alien? Wot, like from Mars or somefin?" She hurried over to him, still holding the jar, and circled his skinny body entirely, looking him up and down.

"Ya don't look like an alien. You look like you're from 'ere. You look... I dunno... Awrite." Again, he wasn't her type. Or so she kept telling herself. After a moment, she turned away, going back to the TARDIS controls. "Well it's definitely alien technology," she said. "So I guess ya must be." There was a little space in the glass tubing in the center of the console. Without really thinking, she placed the jar in the space. It fit perfectly. Green light began to glow in the glass, and in another moment, a few tiny plants sprouted up, creating a little habitat for the Sarcroisax, who immediately started chewing on one of the tiny leaves.

Charmed, she continued to observe for a few seconds, then a thought occurred to her, and she straightened up and looked at the Doctor over her shoulder.

"So are you responsible for the storm, then?"

//Sooo excited for tonight. my mum's upstairs just watching episode after episode after episode of GoT haha she's marathoning the entire second series (again!). She's totally in love with Jon Snow. xD
"Mars! Mars! Why do they always say Mars? Have you taken a look at the current life in Mars? They look nothin' like me, I can promise you that." The Doctor looked up, as if begging hi beloved TARDIS to grant him patience with those who were still going through their first close encounter of, well... If an alien invited you to come along or planned to, what kind would that be? "Seventh kind, I reckon." He told himself while Kelly circled him.

"I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey and, like many youngsters of your species would say: I doubt you've ever heard of it." He shook his head rapidly watching her carefully as she approached the controls. Once again she impressed him, quickly figuring how the Viridiplantae-generator worked.

"No." The smile on his face disappeared, taken away by deep concentration. How could a storm do that to a simple human? And most important, why had it happened? "But we should figure who did it"

Pushing a lever in what seemed a careless move, the Doctor shoved his hands in his pockets and circled his controls again, his sheated in red trainers-feet raised high with each step he took. "So, time machine, a spaceship, all the time in the universe to figure this out? It figures we could discuss this while having tea in Paris maybe? Saturn perhaps?"

(ooc: GAH, your mum is so awesome! <3 Did you watch it?? Like Rocco from BDS put it "Time to get excited, motherfuckers!!" XD I'm so pumped, man! A friend here is doing the official launching of the second season dvds and the hobbit the 14th, so she asked me to go cosplaying as Dany again. Can't wait to do it now! I'm also helping a friend with her drunk!Cersei costume. It's gonna be epic! X3)
"Tea," Kelly repeated slowly, gaping at him. "On Saturn?"

She just scoffed, shaking her head and circling the controls as well, finding his eyes from the other side no matter where he moved.

"We can go anywhere in the universe. Any time." She tried to wrap her head around it, but it seemed too immense. Where had she always wanted to go? And when?

"So... we could go to the future. Or the past." She understood a little better now. And that gave her an idea. Simon... Alisha... Curtis... she could save them, couldn't she? Go back in time and fix it so that their deaths never happened.

"Could we go back and stop people from dyin'?" she asked, looking at him with a kind of solemn hope in her eyes. "I had this mate... he had this power. He could go back in time and stop people from dyin'. He saved mah life a few times, but..." She looked down at the controls. "He's dead now. No one could save him." She looked up at the Doctor again. "But... we could. Right? We could go back and fix it, yeah?"

//Yup I watched it. It was great! And that sounds like fun. I wish I had cool friends like that but everyone I know is an idiot.
It wasn't the first time someone who traveled with him - or that he hoped they would - asked them to go back in time to see someone again. A father they had never known. A mother that had passed away a long time ago. Even pets. Humans in particular were a sentimental race and he loved them for it.

He smiled at her softly, trying to sound as understanding as possible and focus on her needs rather than ask about her friend and his timetraveling power. Not just yet.

"I can't change how things are supposed to happen." He said softly, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry. But things do happen for a reason. And there's reasons behind those reasons. Even the littlest of things can become a snowball of events. We can't change that."

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Kelly looked down at the controls again. She'd come full circle and was back in front of the Sarcroisax, happily munching away at his tiny little leaf. She gazed at him, a sad little smile on her face.

"I thought ya'd say somefin like that, really."

She was quiet for a moment, then she turned to face him. "Tea on Venus, then?" she said, forcing herself to brighten up a bit. "In... oh, I dunno..." She pulled a number out of her arse. "2079?"

//Hydell here we come?
He honestly wanted to come up with other options, with some proof or line between other lines that would grant her what she wanted. Something that would also convince him that he still had to go back and save those who he had lost.

But they were gone, she was gone. And that was how it was supposed to be. He needed a distraction. He had all the time in the universe to meet new people, amaze them, let them monopolize all of his time and keeping him from thinking any more.

"2079! Brilliant choice! Lovely year!" Shaken up, the Doctor once again started bouncing around the controls, laughing as a maniac as he set the TARDIS to take them to the destination his new companion had chosen. The whole ship shook for a moment, the Doctor seemed ecstatic. "If we make it in time there for June then we can sure catch the release of the second remake of the Harry Potter films. I really wanna take a turn to the left on the Charmber of Secrets for this one. I'm sure I missed something the last time."

The TARDIS shook once more, making them both fall on their backs. Apparently, the Doctor found it hilarious. He jumped back on his feet, quickly rushing to offer her his hands to help her up. "Are you alright, Miss...?"

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Kelly furrowed her brows, looking up at him. "Kelly," she said, almost like it didn't even matter; she didn't know his proper name after all, just his silly title, and was he even a real doctor? Well, she guessed that didn't matter either; she wasn't a real rocket scientist, after all.

She was much more concerned with what he'd said before the TARDIS took off. "They show Harry Potter on Venus??" she asked, and then, in an outrage: "They remade Harry Potter?! What fookin' wankers!"

She took his hand and pulled herself up, only to go careening into the controls when the box shook again. A quick scan of the console showed her something he obviously didn't know.

She flicked two switches and the ride smoothed out. "These things are stabilizers, y'know. Ya should use 'em, it's dead safer."
"Kelly!" He repeated, testing the name. Kelly, run! Think, Kelly! Yes, it had a good ring in the Doctor's head. He just hoped it also did when he eventually said those things aloud. "And yes, sadly they did. They did keep a computer generated image of Daniel Raddcliff, but only on the remake of the remake where he plays Dumbledore. A bit too tacky in my opinion, but that's Venusians for you."

Holding tight to his chair, the Doctor was fighting to approach the controls, but Kelly beated him to it. Even fixed the situation. If she hadn't just messed about with his style a bit, he'd be almost proud. "Of course! Yes, thank you." He mumbled, stroking down his suit and any wrinkles from it. "I just don't use them normally because..." He raised a finger, waved it vaguely. "You heard that noise she just made? Happens every time we use the stabilizers."

He took a look at what buttons she had just pressed for future reference though.

And, well, he couldn't just let that pass easily, even if she had ruined his style. Patting her shoulder, he offered her an arm next and guided her to the door. "Brilliant work, Kelly. A true rocket scientist, you! Now, first thing you have to know about Venus is that they have quite the thing about feet. Staring at someone's feet is quite the compliment and so is pointing out any odor coming from them, so keep that in--"

His toughts and words clashed as they stepped out of the TARDIS, the Doctor was utterly confused. He glances around, looking for any signs or anyone to give him an explanation. "This is not Veruda's Cafe."
Kelly stopped short when they exited the TARDIS, her eyes wide. It was enough of a shock to walk out into somewhere - and some when - entirely different than the place they'd just been. But it was also the kind of place they'd landed in that took her off-guard. She'd been expecting... she didn't know exactly. Something more... Venusian. Like a rolling field with purple grass under a red sky with green-skinned people walking about.

Instead, they were standing on a steel catwalk. Surrounded by what looked like some kind of weird preservation tanks. She could see names on the front of the tanks and pairs of eyes through a little glass window.

"Doctah," she said, and her voice echoed all throughout the huge, cistern-like room. Looking down over the edge of the catwalk made her dizzy. She wasn't normally afraid of heights, but it was a long fucking way down.

"There are men in those tanks," she said, and took a few steps down the catwalk, closer to one tank in particular, looking at the closed eyes of the man inside it. "Are they dead?"
"Stay close, Kelly." The Doctor ordered even though he was starting to wander off himself. He'd seen similar capsules before, different uses for them too.

"Suspended animation." He explained simply, leaning against one of the rails that guarded them from falling into the abyss bellow them. "Think of it as some form of an induced extreme state of hybernation. It's often used in hospitals, during early space traveling and--"

The clacking sound of steps coming from one of the catwalks above them interrupted him, a group of men decending to their level through some stairs. They were armed, clear soldiers, a bad signal as far as the Doctor was concerned. He pulled out his psychic paper from his suit's inner pocket, opening the leather wallet and flashing an imaginary badge at the men.

"'Ello there!" He approached them with confidence, hands casually shoved into his coat's pockets and no signs of even the slightest of worries as he approached the group. A few men in suits, others in labcoats and the soldiers he'd at first seen surrounded one of the capsules, the men clearly working on getting out whoever had been enjoying a long nap.

Those who packed heat immidiatly pointed their guns at both the Doctor and Kelly, demanding identifications. "Lower your weapons!" One of the suited men demanded. "And you Sir better show us your ID again. The president never said--"

"The president trusted me and Miss Ke..." The Doctor trailed off, twisting his waist to give Kelly a quick look as he realized he had not asked for any surnames. "...'Nsigton to come for a surprise inspection. The best in our field, we are!" Carefully eyeing those soldiers still aiming their guns at them, the Doctor pulled out his psychic paper again, handed it over to the man that was clearly the higher autorithy in the group.

"Now, if you'd be so kind of lowering those weapons? I'd really hate having to make quite a lenghty, angry note in our report."
"What sort of inspection is this?" one of the soldiers - the head of the bunch, it seemed, to Kelly - gruffly asked.

"Contamination," Kelly rattled off the top of her head; her big rocket scientist brain had been scanning the mechanism that kept the tanks running and it seemed there was more than just life-support fluid in there. There was very little of it, in fact. It seemed there were lots of other chemicals though, ones that shouldn't be going into human bodies - if this was in fact an Earth ship, and the look of those guards told her it was. The face on the other side of the glass window looked human as well... though badly scarred and burned. It was sort of strange... he almost looked familiar. She couldn't quite place who he reminded her of, though.

"We got word there's contaminants in the main food supply. Runnin' into their IV drips," she said, folding her arms under her breasts and popping one hip out to the side. "That sorta shit causes brain damage, y'know. So wot ya gonna fookin' do about it then?"

"She don't talk like no special agent I ever saw," one of the men grumbled from the back.

"Can't you read the paper, stupid?" Another of the men. "She's a scientist."

"Yes I fookin' am," Kelly replied. "So run along and leave me to do mah work yeah?"

"You shouldn't be wearin' that orange jumpsuit, Miss," one of the guards said as they retreated. "Someone could mistake you for one of the inmates." Then he, too, turned and retreated along with his comrades.

Kelly just looked at the Doctor. "Inmates?" she echoed, then narrowed her eyes at him.

"Ya took me to a fookin' prison ship?!"
Holding back, the Doctor watched the display with clear pride. He'd not been mistaken when inviting Kelly to join him. No, it took more than being a rocket scientist to catch up as quick as she did. She was true brilliant.

She was... Clearly pissed at him as well.

Twisting his waist again, his coat flowed along and hit him on the legs, wrapping around his calves before the Doctor twisted again to inspect his surroundings.

"Yeah, I'd say this looks like a prison fleet from the 70s. Suspended animation became quite the fade back then." Gesturing at Kelly to follow him over, keeping his distance but still eyeing the merry group of guards, the Doctor seemed as calm as ever. "The multi-loop stabilizer has had some side effects lately." He commented, scratching at his ear with the tip of his finger. "I should give it a check, really."

Still before Kelly, The Doctor turned around and walked backwards, facing her as they talked. "Now, come on! We'll get you out of that jumpsuit and have a look around, what do you think? Never wondered what they serve in a space prison's caffeteria?"
"Can't say I ever 'ave, mate." Kelly folded her arms over her chest as she followed him, having to walk double-time to keep up with him; she had a feeling there would be quite a lot of running involved in this little adventure before the day was through.

She looked around at the tanks as they walked. "Doctah," she said, "I wozn't bein' funny about the contamination. They really are puttin' some freaky shit in these drips. Shouldn't we, I dunno, do somefin about it? Or is that against the rules or somefin?"

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"You're not only a rocket scientist, Kelly. You're a brilliant one, that is for sure." He complimented, the pride of one who's lived ages and is just watching a youngling take her first steps, it was all coming through the warmth on his voice.

Reaching what was a trasnparent elevator, the Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver out of his pocket and scanned the controls out of it. "Now, what have we have here? It'd be a shame if we got lost on our way to the cafeteria, wouldn't it? We are not thinking of being a bit nosy, not at all!"

An eye-scanning lock kept it shut, but it was easily hacked. Stepping in, he signaled Kelly to follow in, before focusing on the screen-map and panel of buttons that designated every level of the ship.

"Now, where do you think we should go first, my dear rocket scientist?"
Kelly looked at the map, her eyes quickly scanning the levels. "There," she said, reaching out and pointing to a spot on the map. It quickly lit up red and the elevator began its ascent, startling her into grabbing hold of the hand rail.

"It's the control deck," she said. "If there's anyfin worth findin' out, we'll find it in there, yeah?" She gave the Doctor a little smile before leaning back - tentatively - against the transparent wall.
"You know, I could've said it better, I really could have. But if it's any consolation," the Doctor rambled as he tapped the console to designate their destination, "Very few humans would have said that as good as you did." He finished as their elevator flew through the magnetic rails attached to the ship's walls, passing rooms and corridors in a blink of the eye.

He still had questions regarding how that so called storm had changed the girl before him. Was it just the brain or also he wits? Had it feed her with knowledge or only increased her will to learn? Her manner of speech, the Doctor suspected had not changed much.

Putting on his glasses, and extra thick glasses over said glasses, he leaned closer, barely inches away from her as he inspected every pore of her skin. Bending his knees, he lowered himself, wondering if her body was still the same. "Have you experienced any physical changes since that storm?" He looked up, his hair brushing her chest as he did. "Do you feel bloaty, for instance?"
"Oi!" Kelly shouted, putting both hands on his skinny shoulders and giving him a great big shove backward. "Are ya callin' me fat or somefin?!" Her eyebrows furrowed into two angry slashes. "So I put on a little weight since comin' back from Africa, it don't mean ya can just go 'round callin' a girl fookin' bloated, mate!"

She sucked her teeth and looked away, irritated and a little embarrassed. "I ain't changed," she said. "I look the same. I mean mah hair's darker but it's 'coz I dyed it. Anyway I didn't get this power in the storm, remember? I got a different one. I could read peoples' minds 'n shit. But it was dead shitty, so I gave it up and changed it for this one instead 'coz I like bein' proper smart."